3 Hacks for Email Marketers on the Go

I think we can all agree email is a vital part of our marketing efforts. Whether it be to promote an event, encourage visits to your website, or simply share information. We need email. We also need time!

I’ve met a huge number of communications managers who have a laundry list of messages to send, but are lacking time, resources, or both! So, in an effort to spread some email-related joy, three hacks to help improve your messages without spending more time…or money.

Responsive Email Templates

Email templates can be frustrating all on their own. Usually, you need to work with a designer to create something which not only matches your brand but is also functional and visually appealing to users. Then, after all that work is complete, you need a developer, or someone fairly skilled in HTML and CSS, to take the design and make it into a usable template.

Skip a few steps and visit MailBakery. They have tons of free responsive email templates available for download. Browse a huge selection, download your favorites and copy/paste the code into an email WYSIWYG. They do have premium templates, but there are more than enough free options to give your next message some flair. Click here to visit MailBakery.

Icons to Jazz Up Boring Text

Our eyes are naturally drawn to graphics. Why do you think so many websites pair their call to action buttons with a nice little icon? Because it gets results! Once again, if you aren’t a designer, or skilled in PhotoShop, it can be painful to find and use icons. [Google isn’t exactly a reliable source for all things graphic.] More often than not, to get a newsletter or email out the door on time, we skip the icons and settle for plain text.

Let ICONFINDER help you make an impression. With a huge array of free icons, you can find that certain something you need to drive conversion through clicks. Plus, ICONFINDER has gone the extra mile by notating on all of their icon sets the types of free uses for which they are available. From large scale marketing, to print and reproduction, there’s something for everyone. Click here to visit ICONFINDER.

Go Beyond Basic Spell Check

Making a typo in any email is embarrassing. Even more so when you need to send out a retraction. Grammarly is like having a second set of eyes to check your spelling, but also look for grammatical errors…and let you know how clear you’ve made the message. For the one-person marketing team, it’s an awesome tool.

Signup with Facebook, Google or your email, download to your desktop, browser and/or Microsoft Word, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy. Check Grammarly out and take your copy to the next level.


Looking to spice up your subject lines? Emojipedia has 1000’s of ready to use emojis, and a highly functional copy-paste tool to help drop them right into your subject line. Say it without words, visit Emojipedia.

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