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5 Reasons You Need an SSL Certificate

We need to talk about the five reasons you need an SSL certificate.  You can have the most amazing website, but if you don’t have an SSL certificate, it can hurt you in the long run. It’s a simple thing you can do that can have significant gains for your website. 

Protects Data

The primary purpose of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client communication. As soon as you install an SSL, all information is encrypted. For those of you not familiar with techy talk, this means the data is locked and can only be unlocked by the intended recipient (browser or server), and the recipient is the only one with the key to open it. An SSL certificate becomes crucial when dealing with ID, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses. 

You Need it to Rank

Do you want your companies website to show up when people are searching for your services on Google? If you don’t have the SSL certificate, it adds a “not secure” label on your website and can prevent your website from being loaded from the browser. This makes it difficult for people to reach your site easily. 

In 2018 Google’s algorithm changed prioritizing sites with SSL Certificates to appear in searches. This is critical for your website ranking for SEO.


When you install an SSL certificate, you are required to go through a validation process. You must go through a validation process set by an independent third party called a Certificate Authority (CA). The CA verifies the identity of you and your organization. Once your identity is confirmed, your website gets trust indicators verifying your integrity. The SSL helps push users to your actual website, saves users from fraud, and enhances your reputation.

Customer Trust

If someone sees an unsecured website, they will get off the website as quickly as they can. Consumers are more fearful of their identities being stolen now more then ever. If your site is not secure, people are less likely to give you any information about themselves, and we all know how crucial it is for marketing to get at least an email from someone visiting your site. Customer confidence is essential, and you can’t have it without the SSL certificate. 

Payment Requirements

If you need to accept payments on your website, you will need to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant  as it is one of the 12 primary requirements from the PCI. The SSL is vital to the success of your website and any business you want to do online. 

After reading this article, I hope it encourages you to add the SSL certificate to your website, as it will help you in the future.

If you need help with adding this to your website, reach out to team Digitiv. We’d love to help.

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