5 reasons your web redesign will fail

5 Signs Your Web Redesign Project Will Fail

A web redesign project can take place at any time of the year. For every project that successfully launches, there are 2 or 3 lingering in limbo or nearing the point of collapse. We are breaking down 5 signs your web redesign project will fail.

1. Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

The larger your company, the more likely it is that you will have more people involved in your website redesign project. This also means you will have more senior-level people who believe they are entitled to an opinion. Yes, solicit opinions from different parties in your company, but there must be one project manager on your website redesign project. Meaning, the project manager (PM) must be trusted to make the right decisions. If the PM is constantly having to defend decisions or being second-guessed by management, your project is going to fail.

2. Conflicting Objectives

You’ve selected a project manager and project team for your website redesign. Great! While this team works with different departments and teams within your company it’s common to have differing goals for the website. At a base level, everyone needs to come to agreement on what will be the main purpose and call to action of the new website. For example, we are a car dealership and we want to ensure it’s easy to browse cars and book an appointment. Or, we are a marketing firm who must present our work portfolio and make it easy to schedule a consultation. Everything else we add to the website is going to be secondary.

When you complicate the goals of the website and attempt to fulfill the objectives of every department, person and CEO, you will certainly face web redesign failure.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

You’ve just signed a deal with a local web development agency to build your new website for $5,000. After project launch, you decide you want new features. Such as, embedding custom maps, creating a dynamic employee directory via API, and setting up a portal for customers to view and pay invoices. Well, if you didn’t ensure your web agency knew all of this prior to contract signing you are going to be disappointed. Cheap websites sound good, but in the end they are going to cost you a lot of frustration.

Ensure the agency building your website is clear on the vision and that you’ve shared as much as you possibly can regarding your wants and needs. This will ensure you are provided an accurate cost estimate. You are also more likely to have high quality developers coding these custom features.

Avoid the agency with bargain basement prices when it comes to your website!

4. Unwillingness to Compromise

This ties to item 2. If you want a certain feature added to the site, and the project team is telling you ‘no‘ it’s important to understand why. There may be coding or budgetary limitations.

Ask your project team:

    • Will X feature require custom coding outside of budget?
    • Will X feature conflict with the new website template or design?
    • Is there a similar option to X we can implement?

Compromise is part of every website redesign and sometimes requires taking a step back to understand the larger vision of the website.

5. Lack of Understanding

Often a feature or design request from management or those outside the project team is not possible. It may be a budgetary concern or a coding limitation. The project manager needs to be comfortable pushing back when a request isn’t feasible and will impact the overall project outcome. This can be uncomfortable and difficult but it’s a must. Often, those outside the project team, or who have little web development understanding think anything is possible. We live in a world of instant gratification, it’s not uncommon for people to have wildly unrealistic expectations. That said, a good PM can articulate why a request can’t be completed. If they can’t, you’ll be looking at unhappy team members and project failures.

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