Artificial intelligence, The Future is Here.

Artificial intelligence, The Future is Here.

I hear Artificial Intelligence time and time again, and I always think of the Jetsons. I am probably revealing my age now. For those of you not familiar with the animated sitcom from the mid-’80s, it was set in the year 2062 and featured a future you could only dream of at that time with flying cars, robots, and what we now know as Zoom or Facetime.  We aren’t too far off from flying cars; technology is changing at a rapid pace. In marketing, the technology is leaps and bounds where it was even five years ago. The next big thing in marketing is AI, and it is swiftly becoming a necessity in an effective marketing strategy. Below are three prevalent forms of AI and how they are being utilized in digital marketing today. 


If you have ever used the chat function on any website, you will most likely use an AI chatbot.  Businesses can set preset answers to their frequently asked questions they receive from their customers and help customers find the right product or feature they are looking to purchase. Chatbots significantly reduces the amount of staff you need to provide a great customer experience. 

The main benefit of chatbots is their impact on the customer experience by providing quick responses and solutions for our fast-paced lives. It also means your customers have 24-hour support on demand when they need it.  It offers the customer more of the self-serving services they crave. Chatbots should be an added benefit but should not replace your customer’s ability to escalate an issue and speak to humans if it’s their preference. This technology is gaining more and more traction and will continue to improve over time. 


AI algorithms are used frequently; you probably have never thought it was AI technology creating data points that we use to help us market to customers. The list below shows you what algorithms create as an output for data. 

  • Geo-specific events, 
  • On-site interactions
  • Referral source
  • Psychographic factors
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Past communication

These can help identify more clearly customer preferences allowing you to segment out campaigns and determine who should be included or excluded.  Algorithms can also help match that individual’s best products based on data points provided using the algorithm. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning tools can heighten your PPC campaigns using data to drive your decisions allowing businesses to increase sales. Machine learning can help you make better strategic decisions based on the top performance drivers, determine the struggles that keep you from meeting PPC goals, and Search engine optimization (SEO). Machine Learning tools will be tremendously helpful in analyzing what type of content, keywords, and phrases are most relevant to your target market. 

These are still developing technologies that will soon take over the way we approach marketing. If these are unknown to you, and you would like help navigating how to incorporate these into your digital marketing strategy, reach out to us; we are happy to assist you with this.  

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