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It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Feeling the need to be in control and drive the ship forward is pretty common for small business owners. It’s actually why so many started their businesses in the first place – the desire to create their own future. Even with all the drive and energy in the world, we all have limits when it comes to our time, skills, and the number of things we can do in a day.

That brings me to the topic of asking for help. It can be difficult, and to many it feels like something we aren’t supposed or allowed, to do. One of our newer clients, The Cardinal Tavern, became a client for just such a reason.

I was sitting in the restaurant having lunch one afternoon when the owner, Alice, text to ask if Digitiv offered any website services. I said yes, as this is a large part of the work we do with clients. Alice and I sat down, defined her need, and determined how Digitiv could step in to help launch a new website, and take on the day-to-day updates which were eating up her time and becoming a headache.

In fact, Alice inspired this blog, as she was the one who pointed out that she had realized it was time to ask for help and let someone who works in website development support her, and allow her to focus on her passion – running a successful restaurant.

Alice also taught me that I need to help myself. I know Alice well because we’ve interviewed her twice for the Digitiv Podcast, and I’m a regular in her restaurant. However, beyond knowing that I like a strong vodka soda and a well-done burger, I had never shared anything about myself or Digitiv with Alice. I realized I was not promoting my business in the way I needed to so we can be successful.

Alice knew when to ask for help. Though it wasn’t intentional, her ask for help forced me to realize I need to help myself by extending a hand to others with the help I know how to offer.

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