[Guest Blog] 32 Examples of Co-Branding Done Right

This article was originally published by Myla Ashton on ProprDesign.com.

Co-branding is a technique in which two businesses work together to market a product or service. By teaming up with a reputable, trustworthy, and successful business, a company can gain access to a new audience while establishing credibility. Here are some examples of co-branding done right.

1. Betty Crocker and Hershey’s

As two big businesses in the dessert game, it makes sense that they would collaborate. Together, they’ve released successful products such as “Betty Crocker’s Hershey’s Triple Layer Chocolate Cake Mix.”

2. GoPro and Red Bull

The GoPro and Red Bull business deal proves that companies don’t need to offer similar services to work together. To help each other’s businesses, Red Bull gave Go Pro an exclusive contract to cover their media needs in exchange for equity.

3. Eddie Bauer and Ford SVU

These big names teamed up to create the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, which is known for its slick paint job and smooth interior.

4. Nike and Apple

It may seem like a technology and apparel company don’t have much in common, but they actually cater to a similar demographic: athletes. Combining forces, they created “Apple Watch Nike.”


5. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and International Bird Rescue

Sometimes, companies will team up with charities to spread a message. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent differentiated itself with its “Dawn Helps Save Wildlife” campaign.

6. Kanye and Adidas

Co-branding can include people too. Take Kanye and Adidas: through this deal, Kanye expanded his business profile while Adidas received a celebrity endorsement.

7. Uber and Spotify

Sometimes co-branding solves a problem. When people wanted to listen to their own music on Uber rides, the company teamed up with Spotify and made it happen.

8. Taco Bell and Doritos

Fans of Doritos rushed to Taco Bell to try out the “Doritos taco shell,” ultimately getting both businesses more customers.

9. Casper and West Elm

Exclusive partnerships can be great for business. By selling its mattresses solely in West Elm stores, Casper received a guaranteed marketplace while West Elm received a great product.

10. Amazon & American Express

The 5% cash-back for Amazon purchases made with American Express cards encouraged the card owners to use Amazon and motivated Amazon shoppers to use AmEx.

11. Alexander Wang & H&M

Top fashion designers might work with companies to offer luxurious designs at a more affordable price, as demonstrated by Alexander Wang’s H&M collection.

12. P&G and National Breast Cancer Foundation

P&G helped raise awareness for a great cause by partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

13. Pottery Barn & Sherwin Williams

These companies worked together to create seasonal color palettes that cater to both of their target demographics.

14. Nestle Crunch & Girl Scout

By partnering with Nestle Crunch, the Girl Scouts raised awareness for their cause while offering a delicious new cookie flavor.

15. Tide Plus Febreze Freshness

Tide and Febreze are both in the cleaning space, so it makes sense that they would work together to create unique laundry detergent collections.

16. UNICEF & Target

Not only did Target’s “Kid Power” line appeal to kids looking to get active, but it also helped raise money for UNICEF.

17. Crest Complete Whitening + Scope

The Crest + Scope toothpaste combines Crest’s whitening power with Scope’s minty freshness, using the strengths of both companies to create a stronger product.

18. Cold Stone Creamery and Tim Hortons

These companies collaborated to satisfy the coffee and dessert needs of customers, serving Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream at certain Tim Hortons locations.

19. Rihanna and Puma

Rihanna released a shoe design through Puma, endorsing the company while creating her own unique product.

20. Starbucks and Spotify

Letting Starbucks Rewards members make their own Spotify playlists increase members while promoting Spotify.

21. Airbnb and Flipboard

A great co-branding technique is teaming up for giveaways. Flipboard and Airbnb worked together to send lucky Flipboard readers on a paid trip (that would include Airbnb services, of course).

22. Apple & MasterCard

Apple and MasterCard worked together to promote Apple’s digital credit card, combining Mastercard’s expertise in the field with Apple’s slick technology.

23. BMW and Louis Vuitton

Fashion and cars may be completely different industries, but that didn’t stop BMW and Louis Vuitton from collaborating to create a successful- and stylish- car.

24. Levis & Pinterest

A popular co-branding technique is working directly with social media sites to help with marketing. Case in point: the Levi Jeans and Pinterest partnership.

25. Subaru & L.L. Bean

These two combined forces to appeal to both of their target demographics, creating a car perfect for outdoorsy travelers in need of safe transportation.

26. Star Wars and Covergirl

Star Wars and Covergirl may seem like they have different fanbases, but plenty of Star Wars fans love make-up — as demonstrated by the success of their “Star Wars Colorlicious Lipstick.”

27. Dr. Pepper and Bonne Bell

Bonne Bell is another cosmetics company that teamed up with a company outside of the beauty space. It released a unique Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss, a favorite amongst consumers.

28. Milka & Oreo

The Swiss chocolate company and famous cookie worked together to create a delicious chocolate bar that combines both products.

29. Glad + Gain and Febreze

Here’s another example of businesses collaborating to solve a problem. By teaming up, these companies offered a solution for smelly trash bags.

30. iPhone XR PRODUCT (RED)

Consumers are more inclined to make a purchase if it’s supporting a good cause. Not only does Apple’s iPhone XR Red incorporate the newest technology, but it also supports funds that combat COVID-19.

31. Buzzfeed & Best Friends Animal Society

Through this collaboration, Buzzfeed spread awareness about this great cause using list-based articles.

32. Target & Neiman Marcus

By working with Target to create an affordable product line, the luxury department store chain reached a wider audience.


There are many benefits to collaborating with another company, whether they offer similar services or completely different ones. With co-branding, you can reach new audiences, create unique products, and get endorsed by another business. But before you decide to co-brand choose wisely because your brand is your reputation.

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