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5 Signs You Need to Dump Your Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, our success is our clients’ success. A large part of that involves open, honest communication. After all, the client-agency relationship is like a marriage. We are breaking down 5 warning signs that suggest it’s time to dump your agency.

1. Lack of Transparency

You have a project [website redesign, social media campaign, email campaign, etc.] and things seem to be moving forward, but you have no insight into how the campaign was created. Meaning, we are launching something, but what data and methodology are backing up the decisions? When your agency won’t share insight into the basis for their plans, it usually means they are guessing. Positive thoughts and prayers won’t translate into success.

lack of transparency

2. Operating Under Lock & Key

This is a popular one with a lot of agencies. They help you build a new WordPress website and after the launch you are only granted editor access. Then there is always a reason why you can’t have full access. You’ll break the template. The back-end is too complex if you’re not a developer. In reality, keeping you locked down means you need to keep feeding your agency money for edits. There is never a reason you shouldn’t have access to your tools.

3. No Straight Answers

Marketers can be really good at spin. Worse than lack of transparency, is when you can never get a direct answer. Think Judge Judy here. If you are asking a yes/no question, there shouldn’t need to be a long-winded reply. When your agency begins evading your questions, or giving constant indirect answers, there is something going on behind the scenes and you’re getting played.

4. Rotating Account/Project Managers

You’ve been with your agency for a few years, but it seems like the main point of contact is changing several times a year. The agency probably has a toxic work environment, among other things, and staff don’t want to stay. Don’t stick with the familiar, and be afraid to make a change. Espeically if your agency can’t hold onto their staff.

5. No Measurable ROI

What’s the point of any campaign or project if there isn’t some sort of ROI. Metrics are key to setting goals and determining if what you and your agency have accomplished is a success. If your agency doesn’t have outlined metrics, and expect you to accept their word on what constitutes a successful campaign… cut them loose!

reporting metrics

Have you ever let your agency go for one of these reasons, or something worse? Let us know your horror stories in the comments.

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