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When You Have to Say Goodbye to Your [Office] Pet

During the height of the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, people were adopting animals at record numbers. I already had a cat, as did my partner. When the pandemic hit, I had just sold my condo in Puerto Rico and was living in Boston to be nearer a client project we had going.

Two months into the pandemic, it made sense to leave Boston and relocate to Baltimore, with my cat, Muffin. Quick note, this is her nickname as I inherited Muffin when my mom passed away in 2014. Her name is actually Goldie Hawn, but this always made me turn red when I took her to vet appointments. So, Muffin it is.

Two Is Better[ish]

As I mentioned, my partner had a cat pre-pandemic. We didn’t really think about what would happen when I arrived with another adult, female cat. Well, they hated each others’ guts.

In fact, we spent the first six months keeping them from killing each other. Eventually, Muffin and Elle learned to tolerate one another. I won’t say they were friends, but they could tolerate each other without the fur flying.

Cats Elle and Muffin

The New Office

Like so many other people, our offices were now in the house. Our routines completely changed and pets who we once saw before and after work were a part of the entire work day.

Sometimes they were photo-bombing Zoom calls, or just meowing loudly off in the distance to ensure that whomever we were talking to knew they were here and much more important.

At times they were downright obnoxious, but they also helped on those extra stressful workdays when you could give them some love and step away from the computer.

A New Normal

Sadly, on November 13, 2021, Elle lost her battle with cancer. Though it’s still very fresh, it’s odd how the pets who were always there, that became home office pets, made such an impact. The days feel very different without the familiar face poking around the edge of the desk, and sneaking over to rub on your leg.

My suggestion to everyone reading is to give your furry assistants some extra love, treats and attention. You’ll be glad you did.


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