Heat Maps: Turn up the Heat! [Video]

Organizations rely on user conversion to drive sales & raise funds and are always in need of understanding web page interactions. This can often be a long and tedious process of analyzing datasets from tools like Google Analytics. Too common, you are left with a handful of line charts and excel files with data you don’t fully understand. Enter, heat maps! Heat maps are a great way to understand how users are engaging with your web pages. Also, they can help determine what content is drawing their attention. For example, if you are using a landing page for a specific promotion or call to action, you can determine through heat maps and A/B testing if you are driving the intended click-through interaction you want from users.

We put Attention Insight’s Heat Map Tool to the test in this week’s vlog. The simplicity of Attention Insight’s tool allows admins to upload images for analysis or grab web pages directly from a URL. Join us as we demo how this tool can help you better understand your website’s relationship to users. We think you’re gonna love this tool.

UPDATE: On December 17, 2020, Attention Insight released a helpful Chrome Extension. For Chrome users, this tool is even easier to use!

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