How Productive Are Your Employees?

How Productive Are Your Employees?

In this work from home environment, we are all trying to do more than ever.  Anyone who works in a team or is over a team realizes how important it is for people to be productive. To be successful, employees need to be productive for a good portion of the day.  

The now seven-month-long work-from-home experiment has shattered many of the managers’ preconceived notions that remote work would not be sufficient for their business. For people in management positions, the remote environment has required more trust of employees to complete the work they commit to and look at accountability in a different light.


Did you know the average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day? (Source: On The Clock, Vouchercloud) out of an 8-hour workday, this is a surprising statistic. That means if you make $20 an hour and the company pays you for 8 hours of productivity a day. You are only producing 2 hours and 53 minutes of work a day; your hourly wage ends up being more like $55 as an hourly wage when you are looking solely at productivity. Can you imagine investing in anything that gives you that kind of return? That would be a hard pill for most people investing in swallowing, so why should businesses be ok with it? .The good news is some other statistics help shed light on what companies can do to support employees to be more productive:

  • Employee engagement increases productivity, resulting in a 21% increase in profits. (Source: Gallup)
  • 41% of stressed employees state that stress negatively affects productivity. (Source: Colonial Life)
  • 89% of employees believe that gamification can increase workplace productivity. (Source: TalentLMS)
  • In two out of three employers, remote work has increased productivity. (this is some good news for 2020)
  •  Proper nutrition can increase national productivity by 20%. (Source: Mindflash)


These are just a few things that can help increase productivity for employees.  Employers that take an interest in their workforce have more success in productivity. Employees who are more engaged experience less stress, are more productive, and have flexibility are more likely to go above and beyond in their job every day. If companies can make the employees feel valued and supported, it will also help retain top talent. Don’t forget that you want to increase productivity and invest in your people. You will see positive results in your bottom line, which we could all use in 2020!  

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