Beat Zoom Fatigue

How to Beat Zoom Fatigue

After we established Zoom fatigue is real, I wanted to share some tips on reducing the amount of exhaustion you feel after a day of video conferencing meetings. Mental health is more important than ever as we all learn how to have a human connection in the new pandemic era we live in. Although zoom has helped with some of that connection, there is nothing like being in the same room with someone. 

I believe the pandemic has helped us realize that human connection and energy are a fundamental need, even for introverts such as myself. I have some tips to help you beat Zoom Fatigue:

  • Be honest, let your manager/leader know if you are struggling with zoom fatigue, and ask if there is a way to change some meetings to a phone call instead of a Zoom meeting.
  • Turn off the self-view; this helps with the constant analysis of how you look on video. 
  • Be prepared for meetings so they can run on time and not extend any longer than necessary.
  • Schedule your breaks to ensure you are taking them and getting away so you can refocus.
  • Schedule work time to continue to be productive even with Zoom meetings scheduled throughout the day. 
  • Establish a good daily routine. Your daytime routine and your nighttime routine should be different. 
  • Keep your weekends sacred. Sometimes it’s unavoidable when we are up against a deadline but try to limit the amount you work on the weekends. It will help to avoid exhaustion from working too many hours. This will leave you refreshed for your five day work week. 
  • Have understanding for others, and give yourself the same grace. 

I know many were excited about Zoom when this pandemic first started as the work from home has carried on over the last ten months; the novelty is no longer there. Understanding that the video conferencing culture has just begun, we all need to adapt. This means we also need to look at how we can make Zoom less exhausting and more valuable in this new world. I believe that these tips will help you find more of a balance with Zoom and can help you limit the fatigue it can cause. Happy Zooming!

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