How Branding Influences Products & Packaging

The packaging is essential when it comes to branding. We went over the Psychology of Color a few weeks ago, and now we will go over how it works with your packaging. Packaging design matters because it’s one of the first aspects that customers notices. It can enhance your product in conjunction with the branding colors you have chosen.

Surprisingly, 63% of consumers repurchased a product because of the packaging’s appearance. This means packaging design is crucial to your product’s success.


The shape and size of the packaging must compliment your brand and the color pallet you have chosen. Showing alignment with  81% of consumers will try something new based on which packaging catches their eye. When picking out the packaging for your product, making sure the shape stands out is essential.  You must ensure your color pallet, when applied, is aesthetically pleasing; it’ll be crucial for the success of your product.

As much as color impacts what you are trying to say about your product shape, it also does. Angular designs are associated with masculine products, for feminine products, typically curvy or round packaging. 

Make it Sustainable!

People are environmentally conscious and will choose sustainable packaging over anything else. According to McKinsy, 60 to 70 percent of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable packaging. This is of considerable importance to customers buying your products, making it vital to consider when selecting packaging. A couple of things to consider:

  • What is the packaging material?
  • Is it recyclable?
  • Are you using the appropriate size package (Is it perfectly fitted, not wasting additional resources?)

Environmental concerns are important to consumers. According to Nielsen, 81% of global respondents strongly feel that companies should help improve the environment. Today’s consumer wants it all; appealing, sustainable, and engaging. 

Pro Tip:

Add a QR code to your packaging, making it easy for consumers to jump on your website. Not sure what a QR code is? Check out the recent Vlog by Rob Winters that explores all things QR codes. 

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