3 signs you need to let them go

3 Telltale Signs You Need to Let Them Go

Let’s be honest no one likes to let someone go, but if you don’t it can cause more damage to your team and department by allowing them to stay. I have definitely dealt with employees that were more of a poison than anything else. These are three key signs you need to let someone go… and fast.


Behavior is the hardest one to manage. There are no KPIs that go with this one, and it can be hard to find tangible measurements of progress. Behavior is the hardest thing to fix because most people have been doing things their whole life, and you are asking them to change. One of my least favorite things to deal with in the workplace is the mean girl. She acts nice to everyone, but she is always talking about people behind their backs.  Creating an undercurrent on the team that will eventually come to a head creating a tsunami for you to deal with; usually impacts the entire team depending on how many people are influenced by said mean girl. The behavior has to stop immediately. If you don’t handle this one, it will destroy your team from the inside out.


Many of us have worked on a team focused on results, concentrating heavily on metrics to measure productivity.  Making numbers public can be a great thing to create healthy competition on the team, which allows employees to thrive. It can have the opposite effect and cause people to resent others that are not performing at the minimum team standard, creating friction and animosity between co-workers. Each member of your team must be held to the expectations. Otherwise, people can quickly get frustrated, and it causes a false sense of meeting expectations VS performing with concern. One other thing to consider is you are turning your B team members into A team members, which can cause mediocrity, 

Ethics Violation

Ethics violations should lead to automatic termination. This can damage your brand and create bad relationships between your company and its clients. I’ve also seen this destroy a culture if not addressed quickly. There should be no tolerance for doing things that are not in the company’s best interest and its client’s best interests. 

Many other things can fall into these categories and other reasons to let someone go. If you want a complete list, check it out here

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