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Yes, Multi-Channel Marketing is Still Important

Multi-Channel Marketing was one of those buzz phrases you heard constantly from 2005 – 2015. In the last few years, it’s begun to take a back seat, even though it is still an important marketing tactic.

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, multi-channel marketing, to put it simply; This is marketing across multiple mediums to promote your business or services. Meaning, you may be running an email campaign, Facebook ads and mailers. These are all items composing your multi-channel approach.

I’m writing this article today, as I recently came across another marketer who more or less said print is dead and a waste of effort. I disagree. I believe, a multi-channel marketing effort that is tailored to your audience is the most effective approach.

A Podcast Can Be Marketed Offline

Digitiv. The Podcast. streams new episodes weekly. The podcast itself can be found all over the place, from Apple to Spotify and event on the Digitiv website. It’s out in the world and not too difficult to find, but we still need to let people know it exists in order to grow our subscriber base.

The first place we began to run online ads were Facebook and Spotify. Facebook allows us to use podcast covers to visually share episode content. Spotify, allows us to add in more of the video and audio components. Both meet our goal of reaching intended audiences with content tailored to the platform.

Then there are people who may be interested in our podcast, but they aren’t heavy social media users and perhaps don’t have a Spotify account. We weren’t ready to invest in mailers or a print ad, so we got creative. We printed promotional flyers and then located community boards throughout Baltimore city. Some are in parks, other in libraries, and even a few on street corners.

It may seem like this is a crazy approach to print advertising. However, it’s a very inexpensive effort and puts our ad in places where people tend to stop, stand and linger.

As we hoped, we are seeing an increase in direct, organic traffic to our podcast page. This is obviously a localized approach, but the point is that you can find ways to incorporate forms of print media into your marketing campaign without spending a large sum on mailers and print ads.

Digitiv The Podcast Flyer in Canton Square Park

Are You Sure Print Ads Aren't Dead?

Yes! Even though it may seem like we only consume things via mobile devices, there are still tons of companies investing heavily in print advertising. Why? Because they understand that you need to use all advertising mediums to reach the broadest audience and create brand adoption and recognition.

We all know Coca-Cola, they use every trick in the book. They run social campaigns to ensure they are visible on Facebook, Tik Tok, Snap Chat and all the other big social media players. They also invest in billboards, magazine ads, restaurant promotional items like banners and signage. All of this is to ensure you are thinking about their product.

It works. The keys to success with your ads are:

  • Ad creativity
  • Consistency in running campaigns
  • Tailoring the message to your targeted audience
  • Ensuring your ads are in the right mediums for the right audiences

It sounds like a lot, but if you are investing the time in understanding your current customers, your targeted audiences, and then planning your multi-channel marketing campaigns around them with the appropriate content and placement, you are going to see results.

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