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3 Oldie But Goodies

In 2020 there are so many new ideas and trends being thrown out with many companies pivoting to online and adapting to the new virtual world.  3 traditional marketing fundamentals will help guide you through the constantly changing landscape. 

#1 Listen to what they need 

It’s important to listen to the challenges they are running into, and consulting to the specific need instead of offering a solution to an issue they might not need help with. Each business and client will be different and you have to understand the business and the unique nuances for each. 

Listen and understand your audience before providing a solution. You need to personalize your message in a way that your client can understand. If you start talking about a solution that is heavily technical you risk losing your audience if they don’t work in or understand the technical arena. This could cause you to turn the client off to your company and solution.  

#2 KISS 

I’m sure we have all heard the saying KISS or keep it simple stupid. In this world of many solutions and trends, it’s important to streamline and make the solution you provide easy for the client to pick up on and take over if needed. Overcomplicating things can lead organizations into making decisions that will cripple efficiencies and stifle the business from being the most successful it can be.  

#3 It’s all about them 

As a vendor or consultant, it’s natural that you want to talk about all the great things you’ve done, and how great you are. While you want to show credibility make sure it’s genuine and natural, throwing out every credential you have on an initial meeting could backfire and shut down the client to being open to your pitch.  

Your communication should focus on the things your customers can relate to like their challenges and pain points. This will provide a great opportunity to help provide solutions and instill trust with their business. 

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