Chotskies: Understanding the Value of a Promotional Product

Urban Dictionary defines chotskies as: Generally useless crap of little or no value. We strongly disagree, well, at least when it comes to chotskies being used as brand promotional products.

Humble Beginnings

In fact, providing people with a little somethin’ somethin’ in order to ensure they remember you and your brand dates way back. The first imprinted promotional product on record was in 1789 when George Washington used promotional buttons in his presidential campaign. It’s safe to say he became a household name.

The use of small, inexpensive items is a great way to get your brand’s name into the hands of a consumer and help them remember you. On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. (Pam Moore) We know this is true when it comes to email marketing. We often use the rule of 7 to define how long it takes the average individual to convert into a conversion; be it a sale, form submission, other.

When a bar gives you a beer koozie, a tech firm provides free USB devices, or your favorite marketing agency shares a calendar magnet, they all have one goal; ensuring their brand is in your hands at all times. About 58% of consumers will keep promotional products for 1 to 4 years. (Industry Today) The staying power of a calendar is a year, but those koozies and USBs can last for a really long time.

Stay on Brand

Now, it’s also important to ensure your branding is up to par as you are producing chotskies (promotional products). Using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. (Reboot) You have probably noticed 95% of the time, Digitiv marketing takes advantage of a gray block with white lettering. We only deviate in specific instances. In an effort to create recognition, you want to stick to your primary color palette and logo look, feel and layout. If the item you are producing to giveaway has space, add your website URL and phone number. Remember, we want to be memorable as well as easy to reach.

Getting your chotskies into the hands of consumers should be a part of your marketing strategy. Own a bar? Hand out those beer koozies with to-go orders. Service agency? When you send out holiday and birthday cards, slip a calendar inside. Attending a conference? Place a bowl of USBs on your table and watch as they’re gobbled up by attendees.

Need Help?

If you need help getting started with production, here are some resources that produce quality, affordable products:

        1. Vista Print
        2. 4Imprint
        3. Hit Promo
        4. Comda
        5. Swag

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