Another Zoom Event. Combating Registration Fatigue

Prior to the Covid caused shifts in events, we were already discussing registration fatigue. Peer-to-peer events are a fundraising staple, and with each new year there was some other type of new-hot-thing in which to participate. We’ve seen many trends over the last decade. We had the color runs, the endurance challenges, the 5-10-20k walks/runs, marathons and the list has continued to grow and fragment further.

We reached Spring 2020 and suddenly everyone on the planet is trying to determine how to take their events virtual. In my opinion, events have always had a huge virtual component, as we position all marketing to drive people to a website to take actions prior to the actual event day. We really, have just been repackaging the in-person event day and calling it virtual. However, to stay on topic; We have continuously asked our constituent bases to participate, give, share and repeat.

Now with the “virtual” components in place, we are adding more screen time, more registration forms. Meaning, more steps to complete and more fatigue. We can’t really eliminate forms, it’s how we know who wants to connect and it’s how we measure user data. What we can do is begin to rethink what we are asking people to register for as we streamline event planning.

So, how can we rework our smaller initiatives, as well as those where we are asking the community to be more involved, the answer is simple:

Simplified. Shareable. Actions.

Let’s say you have a create your own fundraising model (bake sale, car wash, donate a birthday). These require an individual to register to create their peer-to-peer page. Then they must customize the page, hopefully make a personal gift and then send emails and make social posts to get friends and family to make gifts. This is a lot of work when you also want them to participate in your annual walk, donate to your one-time campaigns like #GivingTuesday and explore your culinary events.

How do you get more people to engage with a non-staple event such as this? De-prioritize the peer-to-peer component. We aren’t saying to toss out the concept, instead, prioritize a component of the event allowing people to give, a simple donation form. Add a one-time social share options that allow individuals to promote their generosity. Next, move the relationship over to social media. Monitor the shares and posts from the campaign and directly engage the users on your networks. It’s more personal and can bring new eyes to your organization. Is it a bit more work? Yep. Is it a much-needed break for your database that has the potential to be more engaging? YES!

Using social also allows you to take a break from Zoom calls and feature short burst content that users have already signed up to access by following your social accounts. You can also take full advantage of live streaming features for quick campaign updates and shout-outs to those participating. Those shout-outs are little virtual goldmines, as you can tag, share and engage. Who knows, you might event go viral.

Give your database a break from the status quo and try out a simplified registration form model that’s as easily accessed from a phone as Netlfix and Hulu.

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