When You Have a Romy and Michele Working Relationship

Brittany and I often tell clients that they need to be open about their founding story and develop a personality their clients can relate to. So, it seemed like we should follow our own advice and shine a light on how our partnership came to be in the first place.

The Meeting

What seems like 200 years ago, I was a manager for Banana Republic, which resides under the Gap Inc. banner. My store transferred me back to a Gap store to be a department manager.

Brittany was working at this particular store when I arrived, but we’d never met. When we did meet, it was a rocky start. In fact, we hated each other with a fiery passion. It was only when a song arrived on the Muzak CD that we began to lower our defenses. Wordplay by Jason Mraz was the beginning of a friendship, later developed by Michelle Branch. What can I say, music can calm any a-type personality.

The Travel Years

I eventually moved to New York City and Brittany to Colorado, then Utah, then Tennessee, then back to Utah. Oh yeah, during that time I also moved to Puerto Rico and then Maryland, where I await my next move to Europe. Come on, Covid! Let me go!

It would have been easy to fall out of touch as we both bounced around the country. However, we actually became better friends, Brittany coming to visit in new York a few times and even Puerto Rico. Of course, no story can go on with placid seas. We did have a fight one New Year’s Eve.

Having gone to a bar serving unlimited booze with the door fee, we were feeling pretty great. I may have switched Brittany’s drinks out for club soda and cranberry juice, as she was feeling a little more excited than I was. When it came time to leave, my friend and I headed out to a different bar, while Brittany stayed to flirt. I left her a map and $20 for a cab.

She did arrive much later that night/morning. What would ensue was a fight that had us not speaking for about two years time.

Modern Times

Then we arrive in 2020. The world is a dumpster fire, Brittany and I have long made up over petty things, and we are in Puerto Rico with margaritas. On the 4th of July, we shook hands, making the decision to jump off a cliff and start our own business. We’d talked of doing so since we were in retail together. We had plenty of ideas, but this was the first time we had something solid.

We spent the next few weeks crafting our business plan, defining services, getting paperwork in order and landing our very first client. I believe all of this has only been possible because of our long, crazy history together. We know each other well enough that there is no question on tough decisions, we have each other’s back, and at the end of the day we are our own success.

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