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Did You Just Hire a Shyster?

A lot of people, and companies, are skeptical when it comes to hiring agencies and freelancers. It’s not hard to understand why, as there are a lot of deceptive people out there who are in it for a quick buck and will sell you a bridge in New York to get a deal.

Because We're Friends

This is one we run into a lot when talking to small businesses about a freelancer that they’ve hired. Often, they have someone in a role they are not qualified to fill because the person is a friend or a friend of a friend and they’re ‘nice’. This is a terrible business practice and you as the person employing the ‘friend’ almost always get the short end of the stick.

When it comes to this group, make sure they truly have the skills to deliver. When we’ve seen businesses employee from this group, it’s generally resulted in crashed websites, poorly formatted newsletters and social media marketing that looks like it came directly from a Canva template.

Because They're Cheap

We all like getting a bargain, but when you’re getting all of your development and marketing services at bargain basement prices – you’re probably getting what you pay for. Yes, these services can be a bit expensive, but they are worth paying qualified people to avoid headaches and mistakes.

Just like employing a friend, when you employee the cheapest freelancer, you often end up with someone that is not qualified and is promising you more than they are capable of delivering.

Nonprofits we support often run into this issue because they are on a tight budget. Saving the cash seems great at the moment, but when deadlines start passing and the delivery isn’t arriving for projects, it becomes very clear that a mistake has been made. The only problem now – you’re stuck in a contract.

It’s true, we at Digitiv are a team of web developers and online marketers. We’re not cheap, in fact, we’re moderately priced. The difference between us and the people I’m describing above? We know what we’re doing, and when we make a promise we can deliver.

I’m sharing all of this because I recently was helping a client we built a website for with some edits. They needed my support because the freelancer they hired for ongoing WordPress maintenance is a friend who doesn’t know how to use the back end editor of WordPress and the person was breaking web pages.

Save yourself the pain and frustration. Hire experts who know their craft.

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