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There’s a Reason Your Soulless Corporate Social Media Accounts Are Dying

I’m about to blow your mind. Social media, the thing which may, or may not, be ruining an entire generation, has been the catalyst for a new form of bullying and helped destroy countless marriages is… wait for it… here to stay!

That said, it still needs to be personal, even if we are all hiding behind tiny little screens in dark corners. What I mean is, when your company is posting stale, corporate garbage, it only goes as far as the employees you pay to drink the Kool-aid. That’s why your corporate social media accounts are dying.

Here’s how you can turn things around;

Let People See That Humans Work for You

We’re all guilty of promoting our services and putting the human element in the background. In recent months, the Digitiv team has really worked to share what we are doing in the community.

Our Facebook audience is only around 1,000 followers and growing, but it can be tough to get them to engage. The reach alone on most of our posts can easily hover under 100 and the engagement hangs in the single digits.

When we shared our first post from a community clean-up event, we saw a 9x increase in the reach! Between the likes, shares and comments, it was blatantly clear that our followers want more of this content type.

Digitiv founders at the Canton Community Park Clean Up

Share Content Via Your Social Partners

Sometimes you have to put a post out simply to share information or promote an event, as you can see we did with the post to the right.

We hosted a small business networking event and wanted to ensure people saw the RSVP form.

Since there was no specific human element, or event photos to share, we connected with the Canton Community Association and other local groups to help share the post with their business followers.

This brought new eyes to our page, with an awesome reach of 4,500 people and saw the engagement jump into the triple digits.

I can happily report that the post was part of a multi-channel marketing campaign that resulted in exceptional event attendance.

Digitiv Happy Hour Networking Event Post

Become Your Brand

It’s easy to think that when you are behind your computer or walking to the local coffee shop that nobody is thinking about your brand.

They could be if you were self-promoting. Take the time, and spend the money, to brand your mask, hat, shirt, coffee mug, water bottle, or whatever it is that is always on your person.

People are inclined to ask what something is when you are making small talk. They will often inquire about the brand name, especially when it’s a bit peculiar.

It’s one more way to get new people to your website and social media accounts.

Adding personality to a corporate social media account can sometimes seem odd. You are selling a product or service, it seems logical to talk about those things. At the end of the day, people want to buy into you and the experience you are selling. The actual product comes second, so you had better start breathing some personality into your social strategy.

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