Blooms & Co. with Brynn Larson

Blooms & Co. with Brynn Larson

Brynn took the time to talk [flower] shop with us. From the wedding where a cake ended up at the bottom of a pool to the thrill, excitement, and [stress] joy she and her team continue to experience when they bring someone’s vision to life.


Brynn Larson is the founder and owner of Blooms & Co. Her extraordinary flower shop is celebrating ten years of business in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Between the incredible concepts she creates for client events, she also takes the time to share a slew of impressive arrangements online.

Explore her eclectic world of flowers.

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Brittany: [00:00:00] It’s The Digitiv Podcast with Rob and Brittany today we have Brynn, the owner, and founder of Bloom’s and CO. Check out this clip from our interview.

Brynn: [00:00:07] That’s better than the wedding where the wedding cake fell in the pool.

Brittany: [00:00:10] Now, let’s jump in.

Brittany: [00:00:18] All right, today we are joined by Brynn Larson, owner and founder of Blooms and Company. Brynn, thanks so much for being here today.

Brynn: [00:00:24] Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited.

Brittany: [00:00:28] Yeah, I’m actually excited to jump in here because you have kind of an interesting story. You were working in a law office, from what I understand, and then you jumped into doing floral arrangements and gifts. So, talk to us a little bit about how that happened.

Brynn: [00:00:41] Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking as a creative person working in a law office with fluorescent lighting. That’s just the perfect way to suck your soul out when you’re a creative person. Yeah, I worked doing floral in college, and then after I left school, I moved back home, and I didn’t really know what I was going to do. I did art. And as an artist, I obviously had the passion, but I was like, I don’t know what I’m doing with this, so let’s work in a law office. That sounds like a good idea. And I worked there for five years and did flowers on the side, and my friends kind of knew I did flowers. It worked well In the sense that I had benefits and a steady paycheck. But at some point, it was just like, what? What am I doing? This isn’t fulfilling my soul. And it’s time. It’s time to make the leap. So that is why I started at the law office.

Brittany: [00:01:36] I can relate to that. But I have to know, is there any crossover between the two?

Brynn: [00:01:41] I mean, writing contracts and my brain still kind of goes blurry when I have to read my own contract. So, a little bit and I you know, I learned some good skills that I can put to use, like filing paperwork and those kinds of things. But.

Brittany: [00:01:57] It’s stuff usually a Creative person doesn’t do.

Brynn: [00:02:00] Yeah. Yeah. The things I’m really bad at. Yeah. I don’t know how I lasted there that long, that’s for sure.

Brittany: [00:02:06] I love it. How long have you been in business? You do floral arrangements, which are beautiful, but you also do gifts. So, talk to us a little bit about that.

Brynn: [00:02:14] Yeah, so I’ve had my brick-and-mortar store for 10 years. This June was actually our 10-year anniversary, which feels like one year and 100 years all at the same time. But we do full service, floral from daily deliveries, funerals, but we really specialize in weddings and events and the artistic side of creating. So, our florals look a little bit different than flower shops you might be used to. And then I love gifting. One of my favorite things to do is to curate gifts for people that are perfect for them. And that’s one of my favorite things to do for family and friends. So, you know, I’m like, well, we have a shop. We might as well have gifts as well, too. We have some fun gifts. And when wedding season slows down, we do corporate gifting. We help companies find gifts that fit their perfect client, that really represent their brand. And those are really fun to put together. And I just love anything that is a tangible form of love, and a creative way is really what I kind of love to do.

Brittany: [00:03:14] That’s really cool. I like that a lot.

Rob: [00:03:16] Yeah, Brittany and I, we were kind of creeping through some of your social profiles and just admiring a lot of the work because it is unique and it’s not exactly what you usually see at a wedding, which I think both of us really liked. And for your customers, you kind of mentioned you have a pretty diverse set of customers from weddings to funerals to corporate. How do people mainly find you? Are they getting on Google or more word of mouth?

Brynn: [00:03:38] Right. I think it’s a good mix. I think our couples for weddings are super visual. I think they’re checking Instagram and then they go to our website, especially because what we do is so visual. I think Instagram works really well. People can see our works, our pictures, and then they go to our website. And I think corporate it’s all about relationships. A lot of our customers come from other customers that have been around for a long time. I didn’t realize how much business really is about relationships and the customers that I have that have been around for a long time. I consider friends at this point because we work together so much and I am genuinely interested in them. And I’ve done their wedding and now I’ve seen them have kids. And then I do flowers for these life events that are so huge. That was one thing that really touched me at the beginning was like we get to be part of these huge life moments that are so important, whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, helping people mourn. And then they send us a good recommendation for someone else going through that huge life event. So I feel really honored to be a part of those things. And it just kind of goes from person to person. I think it was they go through the experience, then they pass our name on. I don’t know how much comes from Google versus that’s probably something I should know. But I do think a lot is referrals and word of mouth and relationships building.

Rob : [00:05:02] Absolutely. Brittany and I have been in that same position where I think when we first started our company, we had no idea how important the relationships were. And they’re literally a cornerstone block.

Brynn: [00:05:13] Absolutely. I mean, that’s what’s important, right? Or the People that need our

Brynn: [00:05:16] Services and why they need them. And I think it’s easy to get in the daily routine of business and forget what really matters. But when it comes down to it, that’s really what matters.

Rob : [00:05:27] Absolutely. We kind of skipped over your social media. And like I said, we both were going through. And the photos are very soothing. They’re very pretty. So you can kind of just sit there, scroll, actually, it’d be nice with a glass of wine or something. But I was curious, does social play a big role in meeting or reaching out to potential clients?

Brynn: [00:05:45] Absolutely. I think social media, it’s the quickest, fastest way we can get in front of People and really Show and share what we’re about. And it’s what differentiates us, I think, between, you know, flower patch or different stores that do FTD or traditional things that you’re used to seeing for floral delivery. You can see very quickly when you look at our social media, that we’re different. So I think that that is huge and it can show our personalities and our skillset. I think it’s such a great tool. That’s free. That’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah, we love it.

Rob: [00:06:18] And if somebody on seeing your Instagram page and they decide, you know, I’m interested in doing one of your gift packages, for Example, how do they Actually go about ordering? Is it through the site? Do they meet you in person? How do you determine what you’re going to create for them?

Brynn: [00:06:34] Or so they can go online and place an order online, or they can give us a call and we can walk through step by step. Some people are like, I just want to send a gift. I want to flowers, candy, something Selfcare. That’s great. Other people really want to talk through, OK, this person loves to go to the spa. This person loves brand name things. Let’s make it really luxurious and beautiful here’s their favorite colors. Or this person just lost their sister. So I want selfcare items. I want something really soothing and so we can kind of customize that for each client, which I really love. There’s different ways either online or giving us a call or two really good ways to curate it how they would like it for their client or their friend or, you know, whoever they’re sending it to.

Rob: [00:07:19] That’s awesome. It’s kind of best of both worlds. You can either get kind of at the ready set package or you get the custom experience.

Brynn: [00:07:25] Absolutely and I think that fits many different people. Some people just want to hurry and send it. They don’t think about it again. And other people really want to take the time to curate it and make it really thoughtful and special.

Brittany: [00:07:35] I love that! I also saw some photos of your gift boxes, and some of them actually have little floral arrangements in them as well. What I thought was super cute and just the touch that I loved.

Brynn: [00:07:46] I love flowers but they don’t last forever. I wish they did so. I love the Idea of getting something fresh and pretty and you get the flowers, but then you also get these gifts that last a little bit longer. It’s great for people that are like, don’t spend money on flowers, they just die. Well, then you get bath bombs and chocolate and candles and all the other things that can last a little while.

Brittany: [00:08:04] Yes. And I wouldn’t mind getting one of your gift baskets and just saying if you need one. Rob, did you hear that?

Rob: [00:08:13] Was like that huge hint. Drop what?

Brittany: [00:08:18] You have done some amazing weddings. I was looking on your website and I saw the one that you did at Publik. And it’s not flowers, which I thought was super cool and not anything I would have Ever thought of. But the fern Chandelier, I think they were ferns. I’m not a huge plant person, but I think they were ferns.

Brynn: [00:08:36] Yeah.

Brittany: [00:08:36] Beautiful. Where do you get that kind of inspiration from?

Brynn: [00:08:39] Oh, so that’s so fun. That’s one of my favorite weddings because it was so different. The bride just loved greenery. She’s like, I totally love greenery. I want to make that space feel green and fresh and modern. So it was just incorporating different kinds of greenery, different eclectic vases to just make It super modern, really clean. Those chandeliers were like my favorite thing and they were so easy, but it just made that space feel so different and transformed then every wedding that I’ve seen in there. And this bride Had really fun Ideas, but she also gave us creative license to make them different and interesting. And she wanted some big installation Pieces with big greenery Over a huge tall sign and a greenery wall. It just was so fun to do something that was out of the box and that totally fit her as a person. She didn’t just take a Pinterest picture and say, I want this. She took things that were like, I this is who I am. This is what I love, and this is who we are as a couple. And then we got to transform the space with all of that. And it was just it was really fun and fulfilling for me creatively.

Brittany: [00:09:49] Yeah, that was really cool. I haven’t seen anything like that before. So, do you typically have people that come to you and are like, this is the wedding I want? Here it is on Pinterest. This is it. Make it happen. Is that mostly what you’re dealing with, or do you get a lot of the creative license from your clients.

Brynn: [00:10:03] We get half and half, and I love I think any time you’re hiring professional or creative vendor, we always do our best work when we have a little creative license and we get to say these flowers are going to be the prettiest of this time. What if we try this because they think people look at Pinterest because they don’t know what is possible. So they go there because they’re like, I need inspiration. But how do we Elevate that and make it yours? So I think it works great if they have an idea or direction they want to go, but are able to give us some creative license and to be able to imagine something different and new for them is what where the magic really happens, I think.

Brittany: [00:10:41] I love that. When you guys do Weddings, are you really Directing them to flowers that are in season? Because obviously you’re not going To have the same Flowers in January as you would in July. Right.

Brynn: [00:10:52] Absolutely. Yeah, there are some standard things that you can get all the time. And actually Covid Has made and a few different things has made the supply chain really weird this year. Like there’s a flower shortage. There’s been snow at the flower farms in South America. So that’s wild. Just different things. So having a professional that, you know, you can trust really helps in that area where we can help source from different farms, local Farms, just find Different things That are in season that Are Interesting. It’s not the rose that You’re going to see at Smith’s that doesn’t even bloom. You know, it’s like it just like falls over because it never it doesn’t have enough petals to actually bloom open. So, it’s finding those things that are interesting. I love it when people look at an arrangement and say, what is that? I’ve never seen that before. That, to me is so satisfying. So directing brides in that way where we are personalizing, using things that are in season and new trends that are coming out, there’s always new flowers of varieties of flowers coming out that you wouldn’t know about if you just looked at Pinterest.

Brittany: [00:11:52] That’s really cool. I’m also very excited that I’m learning all of this. So how many gals do you have helping you with the flower arrangements?

Brynn: [00:11:58] Right now I have three in the shop, and then when we do events, we bring in freelancers, which is so nice. They can help us with the big events set up and take down. But I don’t have to have them employed all the time, which is really nice. I’m glad freelancing has made its way to Utah. It didn’t used to be that way here, but it’s really a nice way to leverage myself on those busy weekends.

Brittany: [00:12:19] Well, and have some flexibility, right? Like you said, not having full time staff, that makes a big difference. All right. What makes a good florist? How do you hire a florist?

Brynn: [00:12:27] I know it’s really hard. And I ask myself this all the time when I’m interviewing. I think if Someone has a background in design composition and they’re creative, you can train the flower care and the design of flowers. But I think they have to have the eye for design. They have to know color. They have to know balance composition. I’ve had graphic designers before that have switched to floral, and that always works well because they understand those concepts and then they learn the flowers. And the other thing that makes a good florist. You have to be tough. It’s hard work. It’s not like everyone’s like, I think that’s how cute and fun. And you’re like, OK, but like you stand for 15 hours a day, you’re stripping flowers, it’s dirty. It’s hard. You have to be willing to put in that work, too. On top of just the design and aesthetics.

Brittany: [00:13:18] Yeah, I was going to say, like in the movies, it seems so wonderful to own a flower shop and it’s just so wonderful and fulfilling. And everything is roses all day.

Brynn: [00:13:26] Right.

Brittany: [00:13:27] So you mentioned that you do the floral arrangements. You also do the gift giving. If you had to choose what’s the most fulfilling and why?

Brynn: [00:13:35] During Covid, the first six weeks I worked by myself in the shop and designing all day long was amazing. I was like, oh, my gosh, this is why I love this. It’s not the paperwork. It’s not all the busy stuff that I have to do. It’s having my hands in flowers and reflexing the petals and playing with balance in color. I was like, oh, my gosh, I forgot how much I love this so much. And then I did the deliveries in the afternoon and people like Covid on their doorstep. It almost makes me cry. It was such a tender reminder of what we do every day and how much it brings joy to people’s lives. So that’s probably the part that I love the very most. And that it was so nice to have a reminder that flowers equal joy. They just bring joy and they make people feel loved. I think that creative balance with that little element is my very favorite part.

Brittany: [00:14:32] I mean, you’re kind of making me want to be a florist for all of the stuff that I’m missing out on. And no, it’s fine.

Rob: [00:14:42] No, you can have some roses but we need you

Brynn: [00:14:45] Come work a Wedding and then you and then decide that.

Brittany: [00:14:49] I think that that would be the real challenge is making sure the bridezillas of the world. Right. Oh, man. This bride was rough and probably makes you question if it’s really what you want to do.

Brynn: [00:14:58] Yeah. I mean, I’ve had little after wedding lunches with vendors and been like, whoa, that was that was a lot. But then you get a bride that just is so thrilled and you’re like, OK, this is totally this is why we do this. That’s what makes it worth it.

Brittany: [00:15:13] I love it. So, do you have a favorite story that you would want to share with us?

Brynn: [00:15:17] Oooh, a favorite story? So, a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know, this isn’t like a huge grand Significant Moment, but it was in the sense that we did a wedding for a couple and they were amazing from beginning to end. And they just were so happy. They were so thrilled to have us do the flowers. It just was this magical day where it was, again, a reminder of this is why we do this. It’s easy to go through the motions and think, oh, we have a wedding this weekend. We don’t get to have a weekend off. And then to be reminded, it’s the biggest day in people’s lives and we get to be a part of that. And just to see their joy and their excitement was so fulfilling. I left that wedding just so energized and excited for the next one. So those interactions, I think, are my favorite for sure. And they stick with me for a long time. I love that. That’s better than the wedding where the wedding cake fell in the pool. You know, you remember those two, but for a different reason.

Rob: [00:16:17] Okay. I feel like my next question really can’t follow up cake in a pool, but we’re going to roll with it anyways.

Brynn: [00:16:23] Perfect.

Rob: [00:16:24] All right. You’ve had a company for a, you know, 10 or so years, which in my mind, you’ve gone from startup to successful business. You’ve lasted a decade. Have you had a specific strategy on how you grew and scaled your business?

Brynn: [00:16:38] I think I really learned to trust my gut and to trust my intuition in that sense. I don’t know that I’ve had a specific plan other than that which kind of seems crazy. From the beginning. I felt like a lot of peace, and I felt really almost inspired that this is the step that I needed to take. And I just followed those during Covid. It was like, oh, my gosh, all my weddings just canceled. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I could lose my Business because of this. And I just trusted those instincts and those thoughts that came like, do this class and do it right now. You know, I would get inspiration like that Or thoughts, and I would follow Those and they would work. And I don’t Know what my Plan has been other than to follow those instincts. And they somehow they pay off. You know, we started doing virtual classes during Covid and people could pick up their supply kit so they would come pick up their fresh flowers. We just put it in Their trunk and they’d go home and Follow along. And we started doing those every week. And that helped us sustain this really weird time. So, I think a Lot of us discredit those intuitive feelings that we have. And I think they’re there for a reason. And I’ve just tried to follow those. And when something feels wrong or feels a little bit off, I don’t I don’t do it. It’s helped me navigate some things that I may not have seen otherwise other than just trusting that feeling.

Rob: [00:18:03] And I think that’s awesome advice. So, we get a good number of small business owners and entrepreneurs, people thinking of starting a business that tune in. And I think that’s something a lot of us struggle with. It’s when do I trust myself and when do I ignore myself? so I think that’s great advice.

Brynn: [00:18:20] Right, I’ve had enough experience of not trusting it to know. Oh, OK. So, there’s a learning curve. We all and we all still do it. But I do think that we are all given this ability to kind of discern for ourselves what’s going to be the best path.

Rob: [00:18:35] Absolutely. And assuming we don’t have another pandemic on the horizon, knock on wood or whatever we got to do to make that Never happen again.

Brynn: [00:18:43] Right. Say to the whole world,

Rob: [00:18:45] Right. When you kind of envision happening with the business over the next three to five years.

Brynn: [00:18:50] So I think this weird time was a great time for me to focus on where I want to go and what I want to leave behind. I really get the most fulfillment from the brides and the weddings where I get to have more creative license. I’d like to move more in that direction of really being the artist of the design and working with people that want to do something a little bit different. It has been a really good refining time to say what do I love, what direction do I want to go? My dad was in a bad accident in April and again just reinforced this thing of what matters the most. Is it doing a wedding every single weekend? No, it’s not anymore. That was before. Now it’s like, what weddings can I focus and put all my energy into that I’m really excited about? I’m kind of going that direction. And then again, just building relationships and working on more corporate gifting and corporate events. I love focusing on the things again that fulfill me. Just focusing back on that is where I’d like to take the business and just polishing it. And when you said a decade, I was like, oh, my gosh, I guess it really has been a decade. It’s time to step into the role of not feeling like I’m pretending. I kind of felt like that for a long time and pretending to do this and owning it. And I think especially as artists, we have a hard time doing that. So that’s my challenge moving forward. Stepping into that role and really going for the weddings that I really want, I guess.

Brittany: [00:20:24] I have absolutely loved this interview. You are such a genuine and real person, and I have really enjoyed your responses. And you say all the things that no one’s that you’re not saying. You really just I feel like there’s a lot of buzzwords that entrepreneur is that it’s like, OK, let’s cut the crap, like what really happened, you know? Thank you so much

Brittany: [00:20:42] For taking the time to hang out with us today. You have been awesome. If people want to have you do a wedding or an event for them, where’s the best place for them to reach out to?

Brynn: [00:20:50] Sure, they can find us on Instagram at Bloom’s and Co or visit our website. It’s And if you want to shoot me an email, my emails on the website or you can call us. We do have a brick-and-mortar store to see income snoop around and see if it’s the right feel and fits you. So, there’s a couple of different ways they can reach out.

Brittany: [00:21:09] Awesome. Well, if you’re in the market for a florist or a gift giver, check out Bloom’s and Co for our listeners. Thank you for tuning in. Please listen like and subscribe. And we will see you all next week.

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