Morning Mugs Coffee with Tyler DellaRatta

Morning Mugs Coffee with Tyler DellaRatta

We met Tyler, owner and founder of Morning Mugs Coffee, when we were canvassing the neighborhood of Federal Hill in Baltimore City. He happened to be the first stop in our effort to drum up interest for a small business networking event. As it would turn out, there was a lot more than great coffee inside Morning Mugs.


“At my first job out of college, I came across five black mugs with a different color on the inside. Each morning, before enjoying my coffee, I would guess what the color would be as I pulled the mug out of the cabinet and then flip it to reveal the color.

I quickly noticed that it felt like there was a little extra caffeine in my coffee on days that I got it right. I started to record and share this routine with friends, and they pushed me to make an Instagram for it. This was the start of Morning Mugs!”

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Tyler DellaRatta owner of Morning Mugs Coffee


Brittany Brown
It’s the digitiv podcast with Rob and Brittany. Today we have Tyler. He’s the owner and founder of Morning Mugs Coffee, check out the clip from our interview,

Tyler DellaRatta 0:07
I want to be a game show host. That to me is the number one job in the world.

Brittany Brown 0:12
Now let’s jump in.

Rob Winters 0:19
Thanks for tuning in. Today we are joined by Tyler, founder and owner of morning mugs. Tyler, thanks for being with us today.

Tyler DellaRatta 0:26
Thank you, Rob, I appreciate it.

Rob Winters 0:27
All right, before we kind of start bombarding you with q&a, I wanted to share with our listeners that you were actually one of the few guests that we met in person prior to sitting down for this interview. In fact, we recently did an episode entirely about business owners and our interactions when we were you know, pounding the pavement out there trying to drive recruitment for this networking event that we have coming up. And Tyler, not that you would know this, but you were actually our very first stop on the first day of doing all of that. And you set the bar really high because you were really friendly and engaging. You were kind of like the perfect business owner for us to start with. You gave us a lot of self confidence. And I just wanted to, you know, share that and then say, Wow, did we learn a lot? Because No, none of the other business owners were like that. So it was like bar set, High. And then we fell on our faces

Tyler DellaRatta 1:18
Well, I guess I’m sorry to hear that, I would have hoped it would have been different for you guys. I don’t know, I just maybe it’s natural. But at the same point. I get confused sometimes when I hear that, because for me, maybe it’s so natural and easy to just spark up a conversation and talk to somebody about what’s going on in your day. And it’s something as simple as how your day is going is a simple question and can spark a whole conversation. So I’ll circle back around. I just think it was a natural conversation. You guys were great. You guys had a lot of energy. So I like to think that you brought a lot of energy. So I was able to fuel off of that and keep it going. I really appreciate you guys being there and bringing some livelihood to my life.

Rob Winters 2:02
Right. It was always kind of like friends over coffee. It was the perfect come together either.

Tyler DellaRatta 2:06
Well said.

Brittany Brown 2:07
Alright, so I’m gonna jump in now with some questions. When we met in person, you said that you still have your nine to five and you enjoy your nine to five. So what sparked you to start morning mugs coffee?

Tyler DellaRatta 2:19
Yeah, so real quick, the reason why I keep my nine to five is because I love my job. I don’t know if there’s, I think there’s a handful of people out there that can say that. And I’m happy to be one of them. So when I started this business venture, I was very upfront with them about it. And they were very supportive. And so I have to I have to thank them for that as well. But why did I want to open a coffee shop? To be honest, I didn’t know I wanted to, I didn’t even know that that was my plan. And in life, my friend who is the barber in the same space to the door that leads to the barber shop one day, I need to get my hair cut I had a wedding The next day, and I’m sitting there and he’s telling me about this space that I had just walked through and that no one has been using it. No one’s running it no one, Like, it’s kind of interesting to Yeah, we’ve been trying to get somebody to fill in a lot, okay, I’m hearing all these words, and I just start doing the math in my head. All the equipment’s already there. The space already looks fantastic. Well, what’s it gonna hurt me reaching out and learning a little bit more as they’re reaching out? You know, I find out, they’re just looking for somebody to come in and basically run the space, rent all the equipment, and everything like that. And so now in my head, I think, okay, as somebody who’s always wanted to start their own company, you know, I have like, five different app ideas that are all horrible, because everybody’s already invented them if you think of an app idea that no one’s thought of, please run with it, because you got one in a million. But I finally found something that I could do with very little upfront capital, and start to build a brand and start to build something entrepreneurial. So that’s what kind of led me off on this road.

Rob Winters 4:00
And it is actually really nice to hear somebody say that they really like their job, you know, a corporate job, and then you have your own business. And it’s impressive and actually nice and refreshing to hear that. Do you think at any point, you know, as the morning mugs continues to grow? Would you ever consider leaving your corporate role and solely focusing on your business?

Tyler DellaRatta 4:21
I get asked that a lot. And it’s one of those things that I just don’t think about. Will there be a day? Yeah, you know, if Morning Mugs really takes off, and it does become too overwhelming because I don’t want to put the company I work for in jeopardy of technically paying for me to do a crap job. I thankfully still hit my number. I still do all the things I need to do actually tell everybody I think I’ve actually gotten better at my nine to five because of the coffee shop and people don’t understand their ability to manage time until they have a reason to manage their time. So I would walk into interviews as a dumb kid and coming out of gotten really good at time management. And really then I go to my first job and be on my phone for three hours. Well, now, you know, I go to my job and the value of that minute is so important because if I’m not doing my nine to five job, I’m probably doing something for the coffee shop. So I think all in all, I’ve gotten better at it as far as ever leaving. Like I said, I think that’s wasteful thinking. I think it’s working right now. Let’s keep rockin. Let’s keep rolling. And let’s see how big we can get it before we have to cross that bridge.

Rob Winters 5:30
I like it, that’s a very, very fair answer. Very judicial attacking it from a different angle. Let’s go that route. Do you think that we’re gonna see, you know, Morning Mugs over the next few years starting to pop up in other neighborhoods?

Tyler DellaRatta 5:42
Yeah, there’s a real, real deeper, deeper question. Short answer. Yes. I love it. And to be honest, we don’t sell coffee, I started. This actually clicked for me about a month after opening, and I don’t sell coffee. So an experience I sell a good time. And that, to me, is something I can enjoy. Granted, let me just plug real quick, the coffee is delicious. I genuinely love my coffee. I’ve got great reviews on the coffee and the muffins. So it is still good. But that’s not my main sell. You know, there’s something about seeing a smile on someone’s face. There’s something about somebody telling me that I made their day this far before Morning, Mugs, you know, I genuinely enjoyed that. My favorite day of anybody’s life is their birthday. There are people out there that hate the birthday. And you know, that’s okay, that’s a choice. I love birthdays. I think it’s a great day to celebrate you, at my birthday, sometimes last a week. So I’ve been able to take that experience and take that joy and turn it into a coffee shop and turn it into a place that people can go to experience that so in my head, it’s not do I want to open up another coffee shop. It’s do I want to open up another place for people to experience this thing that I’m trying to create for them a little slogan I came up with, right when we first opened it. I don’t say it enough, because there’s already so much other stuff going on. But let us make your day, every day. Because as much as making your days great for you. It’s great for us, too. So maybe a little long winded. But yes, the short answer is Be on the lookout. You know, we might be young, but we’re ready to go.

Brittany Brown 7:22
I mean, I did just see that you have your following at 2000 already. And you’ve just opened in February. Is that right?

Tyler DellaRatta 7:28
Yeah, that’s been like a big push. That was that was a great mile marker. I’m a big advocate of gratitude, trying to practice every day and 2000 followers to me, you know, in the grand scheme of all of Instagram. Sure, it’s not that big. But it’s 500 more than I had a couple months ago. And let’s see how quickly we can get it to 2500. That has been the most fun, which actually is a little bit longer of a story. I graduated from Towson University with a marketing degree. And for four months, I went without a job. And it started to eat at me And you know, all my friends had jobs. And you know, I’m looking in Baltimore, which isn’t the biggest market for marketing businesses. There’s a few here but after four months, I came to the idea of why do I want to do marketing for other people’s businesses? I want to do it for my business. I’m sure I would love to do it for like a Nike, right? I think that’s every marketer’s dream, but or Coca Cola. But that’s not where you start. So at that point, I said, Okay, let me get a job, start making some money. And then one day, I’m going to do my own marketing. Sure enough, you know, Morning Mugs happened, and I finally got a piece of that pie. I finally it was a long time coming. But I finally got that opportunity. And it’s been so much fun learning hands on how to get better at it, how to grow a following and how to connect with my followers. Because that’s the other part of it. Right? I just talked about how it’s great that I get to make everybody’s day when they walk into the shop. How do I now replicate that on social media for those that aren’t in the Baltimore area? For those that just enjoy life? And that’s why they come to my Instagram. So yes, we are at 2000 followers, we’re on the way to 2500. Let’s see if we can get there faster than we got to 2000.

Brittany Brown 9:16
I love that. And I think that that’s an awesome goal. And it is a big deal, like 2000 followers, and what does that less than six months. That’s amazing. So kudos to you. That’s you’re good at marketing.

Tyler DellaRatta 9:26
Thank you. Thank you. It’s nice to hear from people that you know, have a company and career doing it.

Brittany Brown 9:33
You’re doing great. So you talked a little bit about the experience. And when we were in there, we did order a coffee. It was delicious. You also did something else that is different, which is guessing the color of the of the dot sleeve of the coffee cup. Where did this idea come from? And how does that play into your experience?

Tyler DellaRatta 9:54
I didn’t mean for it to be as fun as it is, I guess. But it actually started for my first job. So a lot of this has felt like a Slumdog Millionaire experience. And for those that haven’t seen the movie, he’s on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? And every question stems from something. And if the answer stems from something in his life, that helps him realize what the answer is. Now, I am not on a game show to win a million dollars. But there are all these things that happened in my life that made this scene too obvious as what I was supposed to do. So Morning Mugs actually started at my first job. There were five months in the cabinet of our kitchen that were black on the outside with a different color on the inside. And every morning, just for myself, I would go in, I would pull it out. And I would guess what color it was going to be on days, I got it wrong. It was just another crappy day in the office. I didn’t love that job as much as I love this job. But it was also a great stepping stone at the same time. So if I got the mug right or wrong, it was just another day at the office on days I got it right though. It was a little pep in my step all of a sudden, you know, thumb down back to my desk, sitting down drinking my coffee, I get my work done, like, quickly who knew I can even do that. So then I started Snapchatting it to friends just you know, groups of friends and be like, oh, what colors are gonna be flipping it over fake gave me the whole spiel, dude, you got to make an Instagram, blah, blah, blah. And I’ll tell you the internal battle was Am I really going to be the guy that makes an Instagram about flipping over mugs. And sure enough, I even update and it’s my birthday on March 13. I don’t know the year. I started Morning Mugs, Instagram, we ended up getting a following of about 200 250 people that would literally tune in every day to watch my story of me flipping over the mug. That was a little more than that. I always gave it my own little twist, right? I tried to be motivational. I tried to you know, be that person that people came to as like, here’s who I want to start my day with. So it was a little similar in the sense of making people’s day, literally to the point where people would DM me and say, where’s the mug? Ask me because I hadn’t done it yet. Or they were in the dishwasher. I got guys and I actually have work I got to get done. But we’ll get to it. That is actually very long winded. That is where the color guessing game started. So when I opened up the coffee shop, right I have zero barista experience zero past owner experience but I told myself well, you used to flip over mugs. You could probably open a coffee shop. And sure enough, called it Morning Mugs. But 5000 stickers of five different colors, slapped them on the cups. And people love it. And I couldn’t be happier that people love it. There are people that come in, and they’re like, Oh my god, I was laying in bed this morning thinking about what color I was going to pick. And that makes my day. So I get just as much satisfaction out of this coffee shop as other people. It’s already paid for itself tenfold in just the experiences and the people I’ve met. Like I said, that’s a long winded I tend to ramble. That’s a long winded reason why we do the color game.

Brittany Brown 13:11
And I will say that I actually loved it too. I was like, I have to go back. I have to I have to keep right at some point.

Tyler DellaRatta 13:18
Sure enough, and we I had a guy in here the other day, who had like 12 wrong in a row. And now he’s on a four win streak. So any given day, you know what I mean? It really is any given day.

Brittany Brown 13:29
I love that because it does bring people back in. Do you feel like that? That’s been a big marketing sell for you?

Tyler DellaRatta 13:34
Yeah, I think that there are some people that at first don’t love it. Some people just want their coffee and they want to leave. You know what? It’s okay. I’m happy to do that, too. But then I think there’s also people that that are just craving that, that just want some little extra excitement in their life. And again, it’s all about enjoying the little things. Something as simple as guessing a color for a sticker on your coffee cup can just change your whole day. And I’m happy to be the outlet for that. Yeah, I think people look forward to it. I have another quick story. There’s a guy that never wanted to do it. And now every morning he comes in with a smile on his face and guesses exactly what color he thinks it’s going to be and so it’s crazy how even his own mindset shifted about the game.

Brittany Brown 14:22
It’s like a psychological game. I really like it.

Tyler DellaRatta 14:26
Yeah, little bit. Little did I know I was I was affecting these people’s morning now they need it.

Brittany Brown 14:32
I love it. So switching gears a little bit, your location is in a co working space. How do you think that’s helped you versus being in a standalone building?

Tyler DellaRatta 14:40
Co working space has helped me in the sense where I did have immediate customers. You know, they’ve been walking through this empty coffee shop for the past few months and now all of a sudden there’s coffee there. So I think it helps me there. It helped me get my feet off the ground again. This is my first business ever so I didn’t know what I was doing. They were a good group of people that have just been very helpful in taking it off the ground. I think another really important thing to bring up is the community in which the building is at. So it’s in the Otterbein community of Baltimore, which is what I would call it a little sub section of fed Hill, not call them small or anything loved by Otterbein people. But they are a very close knit community. And they have been nothing but supportive, every step of the way, as we continue to grow. And as people start to learn about us, everybody comes in with a smile on their face. And you know, don’t get me wrong, everyone’s allowed to have a bad day. And we do try and turn it around. And we’ve had a few of them, you know, a few people that just aren’t having a great day, but they always come back, and they always change it up. It’s just been a great, great experience to circle back to the CO working space. It’s been great because I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different people. So for me, personally, I just enjoyed having conversations with people, you guys walked into the shop, I just wanted to hear what you did, why you did it. I got that opportunity. With this co working space, there was a bunch of different people, a bunch of different industries, and I just get to pick their brain. So not as much about coffee, but maybe just for me personally, I got to experience life with a bunch of new people that some of them I can now call friends. You know, it’s been a crazy experience.

Brittany Brown 16:26
That’s awesome. And I’m sure after 2020 was kind of a rough year, especially because I think a lot of us were more isolated than we’ve ever been. So that’s a really cool experience that you’ve gotten to have in 2021. Where you have been around a lot of people.

Tyler DellaRatta 16:37
Yeah, absolutely. It was definitely a change of pace. I think I was craving it, right. That’s where the COVID world was a little hard for me. But I did want more, have more interaction with more people. And now with you know, that every day getting further and a rearview mirror, I’m getting more and more of that. So it’s just been a great outlet,

Brittany Brown 17:00
I love it. Well circling back to your social media. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or not. But both Rob and I follow you and we are we’ve been salivating over those muffins. I don’t know. Oh, they look amazing on your Instagram. It mentioned on your website that your mom actually helped you source the muffins. Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

Tyler DellaRatta 17:20
I can. And full disclosure, I actually ate two today, which I’m kicking myself for. But you know, some days you just got a little sweet tooth. So to get to your question my mom, actually. So her favorite is chocolate chocolate chip. She’s got a sweet tooth, she loves the chocolate. Couple years ago, as I actually don’t even know the timeline. At some point in her life. She had the chocolate chocolate chip muffin. And the place that she was getting them stopped selling them. Now, I don’t know what in the world made her think of it. But we haven’t even opened the shop yet. And I was actually told by a friend of mine, his parents had opened a shop a year ago, they said coffee, anybody can make the best cup of coffee, you need a staple item that brings people in. And so I knew I needed something of a pastry sort something more than just a drink. And that’s how we learned that Okay, let’s try and get some muffins, some breakfast muffin. And that’s where my mom just all of a sudden was like, Oh my god, I remember this muffin I had years ago. And I said, Mom I am super busy. But if you figure it out and find them, let’s get some samples. And we’ll see where it goes. She tracked it down. I don’t even know. Because the place that she was going to not only stop selling them, the people that were there moved out. So then she had to track the people that were there. Long story short, she tracked it down. My parents are originally from New York. She tracked it down it was a bakery out of Queens, New York that ships direct to a distributor here in Maryland. And she figured it out. We got the samples. They were delicious. And that’s now how we have the muffin. We have our staple for we have the chocolate chocolate chip, the Cinnabon, the whole grain CRAN apple and the blueberry crumb. And then I just wanted to have a little bit of fun. So each month I pick a new muffin of the month just to you know, change it up a little bit. I’ve never been somebody who’s been very static and very stagnant. So it’s nice to be able to do that.

Brittany Brown 19:33
That’s awesome. On that note, what is one thing that people should come in and try whether that’s a muffin or a coffee that you make?

Tyler DellaRatta 19:40
Oh, okay, so every, let’s start with the muffins, everyone comes to our number one sellers the blueberry crumble without a doubt I think blueberry muffin just go together but low key. The whole grain Cran-Apple is so good. So the blueberry crumb is a crumb cake muffin with blueberries in it the whole grain crap Apple has like a glaze on top of it, it’s filled top to bottom. With the cranberries with the apple. It’s delicious. So I would say next time you think you’re gonna get the blueberry, take a look at the whole grain CRAN apple and give that a try. People have been raving over the coconut white mocha, you can get hot or iced. It’s a little too sweet for me. But then again, I’m a black coffee drinker. But when I say people are raving over it, I mean, it is without a doubt our number one selling drink now throughout this month, so and I got a shout out my friend we call him the white mocha King, because he makes the most perfect white mocha. It’s his staple his baby drink. And that is probably my number one recommended drink.

Brittany Brown 20:45
Is that permanently on the menu? Or is it a special for this month

Tyler DellaRatta 20:48
After what we’ve been getting, I think we’re going to make it permanent. The way I see it is when I try and do specials, my goal is to use what I already have. Another concoction that I’ve found was cold brew and lemonade, a little Arnold Palmer, but instead of tea is coffee, and let me tell you, I know it sounds crazy. And it’s not for everyone. But on a super hot day. It’s actually really refreshing over ice, and you still get that caffeine kick from the cold brew. So like I said, I like to use things that I already have, I already had the coconut, I already had the white mocha, we just decided to put them together and it made sense. So we’re going to keep that one. And that one will stay on the menu.

Rob Winters 21:29
I have a feeling Brittany and I are going to be rolling in there on Saturday morning after we go to boot camp to replenish some lost calories.

Tyler DellaRatta 21:37
There you go, I’m with it. Honestly, maybe I’ll join you guys at bootcamp.

Rob Winters 21:42
Okay, before we get off social media, because you do a great job of engaging your community and also your website, you know, you speak to the importance of engaging and building a community which we really like, especially as a small business, a part of your kind of a neighborhood with any larger city, but it’s almost a you know, a small community of its own, which is kind of fantastic. But with your customers, you give them the ability to submit their Morning Mug stories we noticed within your website, which I’m assuming some of those might even come through social. But we were kind of curious with any of those stories that come in. Do you share them out? are you creating something from them? Or what you know, kind of what happens to those stories?

Tyler DellaRatta 22:25
Yeah, you know, I think I need to push it more. I don’t think I drive people to my website enough where I get a lot of responses there. But I’m actually going to I’m going to twist it around a little bit because I have something coming up in the next few weeks we have our six month anniversary. And like I said, I like to celebrate the little things. And I’m going to do something very similar in the coffee shop, where I’m going to have just a piece of paper or some sort of thing for people to write on what they love most about Morning Mugs. And I’m just going to hang it up on the grass wall in there. And it’s just another way to connect. I hope this maybe pushes some people there. I would love to hear what you all love about Morning Mugs Because as you were asking the question, I was thinking about it, I used to say it a lot more. It’s not my coffee shop, it’s your coffee shop. I’m just the one running it anything I can do to make it better for you a better experience. I’m so open to these ideas, because I think that is what makes me so happy about it is making it more and more enjoyable for more and more people. So when we do expand, we can expand something as awesome. I guess my twist on your question is I need to drive more people to that submission. And even if you’re listening to this podcast, you know,feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram, feel free to you know, email me I would love to hear and I’m actually so that’s probably not the best answer.

Rob Winters 23:52
Well, and for those customers who you know, might want to come in and give a review, it did look like you all had maybe a new staff member. He’s six foot tall and kind of furry. Did I see that right on your facebook account?

Tyler DellaRatta 24:04
That we do so when we first opened when we came up with Mugsy, the bear slightly below he’s now our barista. So one of somebody in the Co-working space, I had bought a three foot one. And I was like, Oh, this is cute. And she’s like, I have a six foot one. And I was like, Oh yeah, let’s do that. And so she brought him in today and we got a shirt on him and he’ll be chillin for quite some time now.

Rob Winters 24:30
Yeah, I’m seeing the selfie opportunities with the cup of coffee right there. It just seems like that’s going to make itself happen.

Tyler DellaRatta 24:37
Oh yeah, I’m talking down the road. But man, we could dress this guy up as Santa Claus. We could dress him up in Halloween. We might dress him up as a different animal than then a bear on Halloween. Who knows. So be on the lookout. That’s another account. You can follow people make accounts for their dogs. I made an account for my mascot for Mugsy the bear so feel free to follow Mugsy the bear on Instagram as well. we will be dressing him up and having a good time with that again, it’s just for a good time. That one, you know, I don’t really care as much about the followers that I just get to have some fun with.

Rob Winters 25:08
Right? Yeah, absolutely. Britney and I both have pages for our dogs so we can completely understand and respected it. It’s just a fun place on the internet where you have no actual responsibilities or anything to deal with.

Tyler DellaRatta 25:20
Exactly. You know, you have your actual Instagram where you know, maybe you’re worried about likes or you’re worried about that the picture looking perfect, then you have that? Yes, I think they call them finstas this is a little more than a finsta. But ya just have to have some fun. And what’s life about fun?

Rob Winters 25:36
Heck, Yeah. All right. And we got to ask about this, because it does seem like you’re very involved with philanthropic work and different charities, you know, that you donate to and get involved with. So how do you decide which charities or causes you or your organization do like to get involved with?

Tyler DellaRatta 25:56
Yeah, so that was a big push for me, I felt that I actually read a book called Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty. And one of the last chapters talks about service and how, that’s one of the more fulfilling or most fulfilling things in life. And so I was opening this coffee shop, it’s never been about me being a millionaire. I’m not, and I don’t plan on being one anytime soon. So I thought, okay, if I’m not gonna be a millionaire yet, what can I do that would, you know, continue this, this happy streak or continue with my gratitude? And I just thought, why not give back? You know, and it is twofold, right? Because I get to reach out to have these awesome conversations with people who are doing awesome, awesome, philanthropic things. But I also want to tap into their network where I get exposure to the people that follow them. So it’s a marketing play, but it’s not a selfish one. And I don’t mean to take away from the fact that I am giving back because that’s also been great. One of my favorite, I guess, things that we did for getting back was in May was Mental Health Month, I’ve family that has dealt with mental health. And I wanted to do something more than be a paycheck. So I actually teamed up with a therapist who was a regular at the time, she still is, but now she’s more of a friend. But I teamed up with a therapist to do mental health Monday, every Monday where we spent 10 minutes, just discussing topics. And what was great was, you know, everyone thinks philanthropy needs to be money, I got to help her, build her Instagram or her social media, I get to help her get exposure, I get to help her, do something good in the world. And I hope that those videos help some people out, you know, and then I think what I how do I decide what it’s going to be my go to is, you know, whichever well, whichever awareness month it is, that that kind of made it easy at the beginning, but now we’re starting to get a little more strategic with it. Like, for instance, this month, July 25, is technically half Christmas, and we’re teaming up with an organization that plugs school supplies for kids in Baltimore City that, you know, just don’t have the money for it, we’re going to have an event on July 25, where x amount of dollars or x percentage is going to be donated, then as well as giving you all the opportunity to come in and donate, you know, we’re gonna have backpacks lined up around the around the shop where you can just come in and throw some throw some school supplies in there. And so little things like that. I don’t know how we think of it. I think people reach out to us and we just are down for anything. There’s very little I will say no to. And I mean that respectfully. There are things I will say no to but when it comes to giving back, I’m really up for anything. Another one that I’m just dying for because a big dog lover is, you know, I wanted to start with the foster dogs. And I was actually talking to somebody last night about trying to send it up. I’m trying to wait for the heat to go down so that you know these puppies aren’t walking on hot pavement or too hot outside, but I was talking to her in the city had the confiscate or, or somehow got ahold of 48 to 50 dogs that now are in foster care or at the shelters. And so I heard that and it’s like, oh, what can I do to give back? I have a coffee shop with space with customers that I can help give exposure to things like this. So how do I pick it? For one, I look at what awareness month it is two you know, there’s been things that have happened in my life, I had a very, very, very, very, very close family friend died from pancreatic cancer. So one of the month every year will be to raise money for that. That’s just my way of representing and respecting her life, but I’m up for anything. You know, if you’re listening to this, and you represent a nonprofit or anything like that, please feel free to reach out. I’m happy, happy, happy to get you involved.

Rob Winters 29:44
I mean, I can really appreciate that. And my former agency life before this agency was focused solely on nonprofits for 13 years. So you know, kind of a long history for me there. And you know, Brittany and I, I think we take a similar approach to you and we there’s more than one way to do good. I mean, right Now we’re doing a 5k. Well, I guess it’ll be a virtual 5k in August for the American Red Cross, it sounds like we can twist your arm and get you on our team since you agree to most stuff. But, you know, we’ve tried to be actually finding more things in the community to do I love hearing this stuff about dogs, we’re big dog lovers. Last week, Brittany, and I we were out pulling weeds in our neighborhood, they needed volunteers to clean up the street. So you know, roll up your sleeves, it was hot as hell. And I thought we were gonna get but you know, the street looks a lot better. And it’s an easy way to do a little good in the community. And it didn’t cost a dime.

Tyler DellaRatta 30:35
Absolutely. Like you said, I think I touched on it, it’s always about the money. And it’s not always about doing something huge. I mean, our first charity was for an after school program for two of the schools in the inner city to help these kids, you know, have something to do after school, we didn’t raise a whole lot of money, but they were so grateful. And it felt so good. And I can’t wait to do it again next year. Now that we have a stronger following, you know, I think people need to break the stigma that it needs to be some huge amount or some huge need. something super small, can make a really, really big impact and have a lot of ripples.

Brittany Brown 31:13
I agree. And I actually read somewhere that service is one of the biggest things you can do to feel good about yourself, too, especially for people that really struggle, even with depression and things like that. It’s really good to just help other people because it makes you feel good. So I think it helps everyone for people to do service. And I wish more people were service oriented.

Tyler DellaRatta 31:31
Absolutely. It blows my mind sometimes where people are like, well, I’m just looking for the answer to be happy. And then they tell you the answer. And I don’t want to do that. It’s like Aah. But this will actually make you happier. If you just give back a little bit at something so simple. My favorite way to give back to somebody right now is wishing them happy birthday. I know I already talked about how much I love birthdays, whether I’ve talked to them last week, or I haven’t talked to them for three years. I love getting the Facebook notifications, and I just Hey, happy birthday. Hope you have a great day and I’m kick ass with some simple, quick text. whether are they love it or not, I feel good about it. So even such a simple service is that, who knows, maybe you made their day, something that small can make a really, really big impact. So

Brittany Brown 32:17
I 100% agree. And Tyler I love your energy you have I love coming into your shop number one because you are easy to talk to you. And I feel like you’re a person that people automatically feel like they’ve been friends with for a very long time, even in the first instance of talking to you, which is a great quality that a lot of people don’t have. So thank you for making us feel welcome in your coffee shop. And you know, thank you for spending time with us today. We really appreciate it.

Tyler DellaRatta 32:41
Oh, absolutely. First of all, I guess Thank you for coming in. I’m glad I was your first stop. Like I said at the beginning, I hope now maybe as you guys continue to reach out to some of these businesses that you have similar experiences. I thank you for inviting me to this. I mean this, these interviews and things like this have been like, selfishly my favorite part. You know, you don’t really have to twist my arm to be what I call the center of attention. For any amount of time, not that I’m I’m happy to give it up. But I think it has a lot to do with with my I think Everybody asks you what What’s your dream job and everyone? Maybe they Oh, I don’t ever want to work it. No, I want to be a game show host. That to me, is the number one job in the world. I get a little bit of it at the shop playing the game with people. But man, what would I what I would do to be the price is right host Bob Barker Drew. I mean, come on. That to me is living the life. So like I said, I appreciate you guys asking me to be here and do this with you guys. I had a fantastic time.

Brittany Brown 33:49
Well, I’m happy to hear that and thank you all for tuning in. Please listen, like and subscribe and we will see you all next week.

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