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You Can Be a Successful Failure

I don’t know anyone who has lived a life without failure. Some of the failures have been catastrophic and life-altering, others have been small and mere stumbling blocks.

It’s not the failure that actually matters. What matters is the part that comes next.

You Failed. Now What?

Failure is something many of us are so afraid to face that it can paralyze us from making decisions. It can keep us in bad jobs, bad relationships, and a number of other things. The first hurdle is recognizing failing does not make you a failure.

Failing makes you human. You are going to fail. In school love, work, life. It happens. It sucks. When it does happen, you can retreat from the world to avoid facing the issue at hand, or you can learn a lesson and move forward.

The people who can learn from their failures and make changes are the people who are most likely to be successful in life. This is not necessarily easy to do, but it is something you can learn to do simply by thinking through what the failure was, how it happened and how to better in the future.

I Refuse to Fail. Now What?

I hate to break it to you, but the stubborn people who think they can make no mistakes and will never fail, have already done so. You can’t grow without failure. If you think you are invincible, you’re probably a sociopath or an asshole… maybe a little of both.

The people who often fall into this category are those who point fingers and deflect the blame when there is an issue. Steer clear of these people in business because they will throw you under the bus as easily as they can take the credit for any successes of a project [especially those they shouldn’t be claiming credit for].

Failing Sucks. Welcome to Reality.

Failing does suck. The benefit of knowing you might fail is that you are also more likely to take risks with bigger benefits.

For example, the risk of starting a new business is that it could fail. It could also be a huge success. There is no success without the risk of failure, the two are intertwined.

There is a freeing feeling in knowing that if you fail the world will not end. You will skin your knees, take with you a bit of new knowledge and move forward and try to do better the next time. Even the dictionary says failure is simply the absence of success. You just have to find your success.

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