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Your Terrible Customer Support Will Ruin Your Reputation

Everyone has had a terrible customer support experience at some point. Maybe you handled it well, or maybe you ended up on YouTube… if that’s the case, you may need to get your rage in check. Either way, when you operate a business, your customer service has to be on point.

We’re calling out two examples of customer service gone wrong that are relationship killers.

Here For Deals, Not Drama

Image of a computer with a virusLet’s start with a personal one. I’ve been a frequent user of AppSumo. It’s a great place to discover new tools and get great deals.

Well, I had been using a product since March, when it suddenly went offline and said I needed to renew. I’d paid for a lifetime membership so it seemed a bit strange. I contacted the software vendor and they pointed out it was an AppSumo problem because they sold the code.

I submitted a support ticket. Silence. I submitted another support ticket. I followed up via email, email, email, Twitter, and after 6 weeks of no reply at all I’ve given up and accepted that AppSumo couldn’t care less about my issue.

Having been a very active buyer, this horrible service experience, which leaves me feeling robbed, has me in a place where I will no longer user their service because I can’t trust them to follow through.

Partners Shouldn't Create Problems

We love partnerships, and I’m going to do this partner a favor and not explicitly name them. That said, the software vendor provides fundraising software to engage donors. The software is fairly easy to use, even if it does look like it’s 15 years old.

Where the problem lives is two fold;

  1. When the software isn’t working, you can’t get help from anyone. We had a client with a SalesForce sync issue causing duplicate records. It took days of me pestering the software vendor to get a response.
  2. No one appears to be in charge. What’s more frustrating than not getting help, is a ship with no captain. How do you plan for the future when every promised update is either half-baked or never happens?

You can probably guess that we’ve dissolved this partnership. At the end of the day, we can’t promote a company that thinks average to poor support is acceptable.

When it comes to building your brand and making customers happy, executing the work is only half the battle. The ongoing support is vital to long-term success. When you customer is in crisis, they need to know they can rely on your team. When they can, the benefits you receive in reviews and word of mouth are priceless.

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