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I Switched to a Walking Desk

It’s safe to say that I’m a little on the competitive side. Closing the rings on my Apple Watch, competing against friends for weekly fitness points, I’m interested in it all. When my sister-in-law got herself a walking desk, I knew I had to have one.

FYC Under Desk Treadmill

My first attempt at transforming my workspace was with the FHC. You can probably tell this one didn’t workout that well. The machine was nice, fit into my workspace well, and ran for the most part.

The first problem upon delivery was the display. It would go crazy. The second was that you couldn’t get it to turn on half the time. The deal breaker was when it began shutting off while I was walking. I’m only going 2.1 miles per hour, but when it would jolt off I would ram into my desk and nearly topple my two screens. This was all happening within 5 days of purchase.

The video to the right shows how the display functioned.

Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation

Attempt number two was with the Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation. The machine is a little slimmer than the last, but has a functioning display on first inspection. A win! It also has proven consistent in staying on and has a handy little remote.

Outside of my regular morning workout, I now walk 8 – 10 miles per day while working. It may be a few less if it’s a heavy meeting day. It’s odd to Zoom and walk, as people see you bobbing up and down. It becomes a distraction.

I’d recommend the change if you’re tired of sitting at a desk all day. Doing so was a killer on my back. Yes, my legs are a little sore, but my back feels so much better and I’m getting a little further ahead on my fitness goals while I work.

Oh, if you’re curious why I walk 2.1 miles per hour, it’s because that speed allows me to type at a regular speed without feeling like I may step off the side and fall.

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