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4 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Website

If you’re new to WordPress it can be a little daunting to know which must-have plugins are going to help you, and which are simply doing a great job of marketing themselves.

Let’s dive into the sea of plugins we suggest you install today!


There are plenty of plugins promising to improve your SEO, but Yoast does a great job of delivering on the promise. There are free and paid versions, and the paid version is worth the $89 per year.

With this plugin you get recommendations to improve your content, you can test page keywords, audit your page descriptions, and define exactly what shares to social media from any given page.


Images are useful for crafting an appealing WordPress site and boosting a page’s SEO ranking. Large images can also slow down your site, inhibit the user experience and cause you to spend a fortune on hosting provider upgrades.

Enter Imagify! This image optimization tool can update your existing media library and each image you add after it’s installed. You’ll see instant results as images are compressed to create a speedier site.

Site Kit

You setup a Google Analytics account for your new website. Right? Good! Now, use Google’s Site Kit plugin to connect to GA.

Not only does this handy plugin place your GA dashboards directly within WordPress, it allows you to connect Page Speed insights and AdSense. It’s one more way you can harness the G-Suite of tools.


Ready to upgrade your backend editing experience? Install Elementor, or Elementor Pro, and harness the power of a drag-and-drop visual WordPress editor. You’ll enjoy nearly every conceivable block editing option from FAQ tabs to video players.

Do be sure you have a compatible theme before activating to avoid any page corruption.

These are four of our favorite WordPress plugins that will help you get the ball rolling as you craft the perfect user experience.

Have you found a must-have plugin others would love? Share it with us in the comments below!

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