3 Ways to Stop Treating Your Website Like S#!T

We’re pointing out three things that should be obvious to anyone with a website. However, we see these issues happening to people and businesses all the time. Don’t treat your website like s#!t, but like the member of the team you know it is.

1. You Get What You Pay For

Going cheap is very tempting. The number of services serving up websites on the cheap seems to multiply daily. Some are good, some are pyramid schemes designed to lock you in and suck money out of your company.

When you build a website, it’s great to find an affordable agency, but it’s also worth spending a little money. When you invest in what is, more or less, your online business card, that investment pays off in the long run. It’s the difference between a beautiful website that works on all devices and a clunky piece of junk that causes your customers more frustration than they’re willing to handle.

Also, a good agency will ensure you know how to manage the backend of your website. That’s a Digitiv best practice. We’re always happy to provide support services, but we also give clients the tools to succeed.

2. Your Bargain Hosting is Killing The Experience

You got that amazing deal from and you’re paying $20 a year for hosting. Again, you get what you pay for. Your hosting is comprised of several factors, all of which impact how quickly your site loads and performs. Now, a few years ago you could get away with this, but with 5G hitting major cities, slow websites are highly evident.

You don’t necessarily need to switch services, but do your homework and understand your hosting plan. Confirm you have enough Ram, CPU and Disk usage to support your website and web traffic. This is an area that money is well spent.

3. Don't Let a Site Sit and Languish

You put in the time and energy to launch a new website. Well done! Your job is not done. You need to find ways to keep your site active and engaging. Blogs, podcasts, videos – these are all great content items to keep a site fresh. And every now and then you need to update your imagery, refresh the about section and review any employee bios.

If you launch and think your job is done, within a year your website will be out of date, and slipping in the SEO result rankings.

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